DTC Mission

I am a trekking enthusiast who lives in NCR region and is passionate about both, traveling and content. In my spare time, I work to contribute to the trekking community.

DTC is a crowd-sourced and prolific content initiative, for Himalayan travel and treks, where volunteers offer next-level content to the community.

Elaborating on the mission:

  • Crowd-sourced. Volunteers are welcome to contribute constructive and good quality content.
  • Content initiatives. For now, DTC is focused on next-level content initiatives only. This is to align to a common, limited goal and do justice to it in terms of quality and quantity. Trekking, mountaineering, and outdoors is a huge domain in itself. In the future, DTC may look at the other aspects of it.
  • Himalayan focus. While I am a hill person, I shall limit to Himalayas for now. Treks and travels.
  • Prolific. As much quantity and quality both, as time permits.
  • Next-level content. Try a search for top 10 weekend destinations. How will your experience be? Run of the mill, I bet! At DTC quality wins over the casual approach and DTC provides only high quality content — useful, user-friendly, detailed or nuanced, for sincere travelers and not for the casual weekend fun seekers, and so on.


For any collaboration and inquiries, leave a comment below, write to me at blackfog at Gmail, or engage on the DTC Facebook page.


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