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Why DTC and what is the approach?

Travel domain has much scattered content today. While we have tons of content, it is not dynamic, user-friendly, available on-demand, search optimized, and does not hand-hold the user.

Being a content aficionado, a travel enthusiast, and a content professional, the lack of content initiatives made me create DTC.


DTC platform provides next-level content by collating, compiling, and processing the existing content, and to come up with different presentations styles that allow for better content consumption depending on the nature of the content. The idea is to produce and share content that allows for efficient consumption, metadata-driven filtering, use-case based gradual exposure, automation, user-friendly presentation, and so on.

I know, I know! The big words make it sound too much to ask for. In simpler words, DTC strives to make travel content consumable with minimum effort.

For more details, see the DTC mission.


To achieve the above, I am open to crowd-sourcing and collaborating with a select few folks. Contact me if you understand the above or better yet, have indulged in the above or if you have a content business and can offer meaningful content leadership opportunities.


Why they don’t want us to trek aka fears around outdoors?

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

People who are not exposed to hiking and outdoors may have healthy wonderment, unjustified fears, malformed opinions, and outright crazy misconceptions about the sport.

To us hikers these comments seem ridiculous or have nuisance value, but the need of the hour is to educate people around us and to spread the awareness that the following are just misplaced and malformed.

5764026117_acbccfa5ea_nPhoto via sboneham is licensed under CC BY


  • Why trouble yourselves with so much exertion?
  • It takes much resources, time, and money.
  • What if you are attacked by a wild animal?
  • All the wild animals are out there to kill humans at first sight.
  • What if you are caught in a storm or a cloudburst?
  • How will you live without food for days?i
  • Trekking is for ‘them’ — the crazy ones who have no one to look after and have no loved ones to care about.
  • Even if you climb a hill, what will come of it?
  • If you don’t summit, it was a waste of time and resource!
  • Let’s go just like that, without preparation because I live in the hills so I must always be able to scale.
  • There are landslides in the hills! Like all the time.
  • Hiking is dangerous because of the horror stories we’ve read in the mass media.
  • Stop the silly business of going hiking because married people look after their families instead of wandering off on their own.
  • It is a boy’s sport!
  • Why torture yourself, now that you earn enough!
  • It is a remote place. What if the tribals catch you?!

Leave in comments section what you’ve heard as arguments against being out there with nature.