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Child, elderly, and beginner friendly easy treks in the Himalayas

I am compiling a list of the child-friendly hikes and make this post a one-stop shop for all the trails that kids can accomplish. Of course, your kid’s mileage may vary so please do your due diligence.

This list, by its very nature, will always be a work-in-progress compilation. I’ve made public the incomplete details hoping these will help many folks. Leave your insights and suggestions in the comments section to update this best.


Trek Base city Accommodation* Distance to hike (km) Comments
Abott Mount Lohaghat Hotel, tent 5 Photos
Pangoot local hikes Pangoot, Nainital Hotel 3-12 A long trek, A short trek, photos
Barot local hikes Barot Hotel, tent 3-10 Jallan Guest House; Waterfall near the trolley tracks; Badagaon area
Bashleo Pass Shoja, Jaon Tent
Bijli Mahadev Hike Kullu Hotel 3 km from Chansari, 15 km from Kullu Info1, Info2
Chakrata Moila Tibba and Budher Caves Chakrata Hotel, tent 4
Chakrata Tiger Falls Chakrata Hotel 2
Dalhousie local hikes Dalhousie Hotel
Deoria Tal Sari, Rudraprayag Cottage?, Tent 2-3
Dugadda to Lansdowne Lansdowne Hotels 8
Hatu Peak Narkanda Tent 7 Photos
Jamu peak Renuka Ji Hotel, tent May get longish and heat may take its toll.
Kamru Nag lake Karsog or Rohanda Sarai, tent, hotel 4 km from Rohanda Listing; Photos
Kapil Muni’s hill Renuka Ji Hotel, tent
Lal Tibba Mussoorie Hotel
Mussoorie local hikes Mussoorie Hotel Info1
Rajagunda forest Bir, Billing Hotel, tent Hike from Bir to Billing on road; Billing to Rajagunda forest and alternatively to Badagran
Serolsar lake Jalori Pass Tent Info
Shikari Devi hike Karsog Hotel, tent 18 km from Janjehli; 1 km from road head if going in a vehicle Info1, Info2
Shimla TV Tower Shimla Hotel
Solan Tibba Solan Hotel
Taradevi Shimla Hotel 4 km from Tara Devi station on highway
Vaisho Devi Katra, Jammu Hotel, sarai

* Accommodation is categorized as ‘sarai/huts’ for basic roof (carry sleeping bag); personal ‘tent’ for camping trips; ‘hotel’ option for day hikes or short hikes where you can come back to the base city or reach the next town.

Please share the discoveries and the experiences of your kids or beginners with us in the comments section.