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My travel diaries and community contributions

My photographs on Flickr. The album includes thousands of images available under the various Creative Commons (CC) licenses.
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My travel video channel on YouTube. It offers raw footage to share the factual information about trail or road conditions, treks, interactions with locals, and video reviews of hotels/places/activities. I hope it helps other people make informed decisions or just do their share of arm-chair travel 🙂
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My forum discussions on Indiamike. Browse through my various engagements and contributions on the travel forums — long-form travelogues, bite-sized answers, road conditions updates, very detailed logistics info, and so on.

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This DTC blog. It hosts detailed information, how-to, opinions and observations, and compilations on the various travel-related topics. Also, see the corresponding DTC Facebook page.
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GPS tracks. I upload the trails and routes of my treks and road trips on Wikiloc. Use the info, to plan and estimate better and to discover new tracks.
Wikiloc profile with GPS trailsMore than a dozen of my Wikiloc trails are also displayed on Google Earth. Read this Google blog about the feature and how to access such trails in Google Earth.

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Google Maps contributions. I am a Level 7 Local Guide on Google Maps. I contribute reviews of various POIs and provide answers to queries.
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Set waypoints for these places of interests and facilities when recording a GPS trail

To make your GPS trails more useful for others, consider capturing the following information as waypoints. (Let me know in the comments if you’d like to know how to record GPS trails.)

Food, water, and shelter enroute

  • Drinking water sources
  • Water source that must be avoided for drinking
  • Temporary shelter, say from rain or snow
  • Camping spots and human settlements
  • Dhabas that offer food and dhabas offering bed too.

Places of interest on a trail

  • Trail to choose at bifurcations
  • Very sunny parts of a trail (need sun protection)
  • Unsafe ledges or cornices
  • Leech prone portions (need shoes and salt)
  • Sections with Bicchu booti (need full length trek gear for protection of lower legs)
  • Spots where wildlife is commonly spotted
  • Sections with tricky crossings (like slippery, mossy boulders during rainy season; may need guided help)
  • Secluded ponds on a stream where one can bath(!)
  • Flash flood prone areas adjacent to streams (need to be watchful during rains and to be passed quickly)
  • Very steep sections (need footwear with good grip and watch out during rains)
  • Sections with debris and moraine (need ankle support)

Consider sharing your trails for everyone’s benefit on wikiloc and OSM. Yours truly can be found at www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/user.do?id=1691516. If you share trekking trails on a public platform, leave a link in the comments section.