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Into the Wild

Compilation of YouTube channels on primitive skills

And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong. To measure yourself at least once. To find yourself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions. Facing the blind deaf stone alone, with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head.” ~ Jon Krakauer.

Since some time, the hobbyists and the thrill seekers have been showcasing their primitive skills big time on YouTube. Their otherwise silent videos pack quite a punch. For those of us who are into outdoors, we all have fantasized about living as a cave man, surviving off the Earth, relying only on the nature and our sense.

I am sharing a few popular YouTube channels on survival skills, primitive technologies, food foraging, shelter construction, and such. Go ahead and vicariously live your dream, for now, by viewing these channels. If you get into the trade, do share your channel in the comments below. Happy viewing!


Image attribution: “Into the wild” by Chris Eilbeck is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


My travel diaries and community contributions

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My forum discussions on Indiamike. Browse through my various engagements and contributions on the travel forums — long-form travelogues, bite-sized answers, road conditions updates, very detailed logistics info, and so on.

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Optimizing your social media videos for maximum effectiveness

Who doesn’t love to share their story with the world?! Videos are an amazing medium as they have a very high bandwidth to convey our stories in a matter of seconds or minutes.

We travelers also use videos for sharing our experiences with the world, help our friends and readers do their share of armchair travel, for online reputation management, as an entry point to business conversion funnel, hone our skills at video production, to boost our social media presence, and so on.

There are those travels that I’ve conceptualized or managed completely based on the videos posted online. Then there are those few videos that have been a disappointment because those do not serve any purpose.

Self-deprecating disclaimer: It is subjective to speak of serving a purpose because even such videos clearly serve the purpose of making the creator happy. Being happy is an end in itself, because who am I to judge what rocks your boat 🙂 However, if you are the one who is looking at up-leveling the usefulness of your videos by conveying more in less, then this blog post is for you. I’m sharing my personal opinion on what makes a video useful to me. I shall try to be objective and give tangible points that you can understand without much wonderment.

When shooting/recording

  • Use both, the audio and the video channels in a video. When shooting, see if you can capture the speed of the wind at the top of a mountain to subtly convey how windy it was, the chirping of birds at the dawn to indicate how musical the mornings are, the raging sound of water to indicate how gushing the flow is, or record your own voice to convey more context and info than what’s recorded on video.
  • What is the neighboring area and its natural beauty? What does the terrain look like? What is the degree of climb? What are the nearby water sources if any? Where is the tree line? If it is rocky, then how difficult is it to walk on it?
  • What is the complete view of the object and not just a myopic, zoomed-in view of the activity you may be doing there. For example, if it is waterfall then move the camera a little to indicate the height of it, the force of falling water to indicate if one can bath under it, the outflow from the basin to indicate how fast the water is, the approach to the waterfall to indicate if it is risky or not to walk, speak out how cold the water is, and so on.
  • What is the roads’ tarring quality? What is the width of the road? What is on the sides of the road? How dense is the road because it’ll get darker faster in the evening than open roads. Very dense forests near the roadside means possibility of having wildlife at night on the road. All these parameters indicate the quality of drive and safety.

When uploading

  • Spend a minute to write a good title. All media hosting platforms allow you to update to a more meaningful name than the file name. Make sure to use a few keywords like place name, event name, what you are showcasing in the video, etc. in the title.
  • Do a dry run before uploading. Make sure the video is in the desired shape. Re-uploading video will change the URL so use this option only in dire straits.
  • Deleting older videos is a big NO. It will also change the URL and break the backlinks or embeds for your users.

When sharing

  • When sharing on a social media channel, be cognizant of the basic SEO like description, tagging, location, date, etc.


Work in progress — more tips to be added soon!